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Advancement of Albanian Women on Boards: A Catalyst For a Thriving Society

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Our Kick-Off Event: “A testament to the power of insight, inspiration, and empowerment.”

More than 100 women entrepreneurs and leaders of important institutions participated in our first conference, held at Hotel Plazza, in Tirana on 26th January.

In the discussion panel shared their experiences and perspectives: WOB-AL founder Albana Vrioni , Minister of Entrepreneurship and Business Climate, Delina Ibrahimaj , CEO of WOB Europe, Kristen Anderson , CEO of BKT Pay, Bilgen Aldan, Director of Public Policy , Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone, Jonida Lakuriqi and the Managing Director of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Albana Shkurta .

From the kick-off event on 26th February 2024, Hotel Plaza, Tirana

During the event, it was emphasized that, compared to the potential, there is an insufficient presence and influential contribution of Albanian women at the highest levels of decision-making in small and medium enterprises.

These challenges are related to the limitations brought about by the poor, closed, and local economy, as well as, the scarcity mentality.


To follow, there are 5 main pillars that Women on Boards focus on to improve in the long term this scenario:

  1. Advocacy on gender issues
  2. Development of the competence of leaders
  3. Creating a stable pool of talent ready to operate at an international level as well
  4. Creating and nurturing a support network of peers and mentors
  5. Active involvement in transformative projects and studies, in line with strategic growth areas in the country.

Setting the Stage for Empowerment

In follow-up of a kick-off filled with great interest and enthusiasm, we are bringing “Paving Your Path to Leading Growth.”, the first webinar that brings on one critical reflection for every ambitious woman in a career: what growth path is right for me?

This event isn’t just about discussing leadership strategies; it’s about empowering Albanian women to step into leadership roles and contribute to organizational growth and effectiveness.

Join us as we bridge the gap between honoring the past and paving the way for a brighter future.

Albanian Women Making a Difference

Albanian women have shown through history their power, resilience, capacity for societal change, and the strength to go forward. This is deepened in our roots but to advance and show up, we need a supporting system starting from the genes, continuing in the family, and ending in society.

Here are some of the extraordinary Albanian women who have left an indelible mark on history through their remarkable achievements:

  1. Musine Kokalari (1917-1983): First Albanian writer, known for expressing revolutionary ideas against communist oppression.
  2. Valentina Pistoli (1928): First Albanian architect, led the design team for Hotel Tirana.
  3. Qemoran Toptani (1912-1981): First Albanian surgeon, renowned for her skills in treating World War II wounded.
  4. Sisters Qiriazi – Sevasti (1871-1949) & Parashqevi (1880-1970): Pioneers in education and women’s emancipation.
  5. The Zengo Sisters – Sofia (1915-1976) & Androniqi (1913-2000): First recognized Albanian painters.
  6. Dora D’Istria (1828-1888): Intellectual and revolutionary, contributed to the Albanian cause.
  7. Xhanfise Keko (1928-2007): First Albanian film director, co-founder of ‘New Albania’ film studio.
  8. Nexhmie Zaimi (1914-2003): First Albanian journalist to work for CNN and Voice of America.
  9. Erifili Bezhani (1917-1959): First Albanian lawyer to graduate from France.
  10. Eleni Qirici (1928): Albanian actress who made a mark in Hollywood
  11. Shaqe Çoba (1875-1954): Established the ‘Albanian Woman’ organization, advocating for women’s rights.

We have a very powerful legacy, yet we have a great potential that in these times we are leaving, to help more Albanian women get educated, be in leadership positions, be on Corporate Boards, and be an active power in our society.

Empowering Women Through Key Insights at the Webinar

Discover groundbreaking insights into women’s leadership roles and organizational growth at our webinar. We’ll explore findings from the renowned Leadership Circle study, spanning 30 years with over 1.5 million participants and 84,000 leaders. Gain valuable perspectives on overcoming obstacles and perceptions surrounding women in leadership.

Let’s leverage this knowledge to empower Albanian women to step confidently into leadership positions and shape a brighter future for our society.

The webinar is not just an opportunity to get some useful insights and inspiration, but also a networking space where we can inspire each other. In the event are not invited only women, but also men who are willing to help and support us grow.

In this session, you’ll gain insights into the differences between leadership and board roles, empowering more informed career decisions. Our speakers will discuss the inner motivations and outward behaviors that shape leadership paths, including how to cultivate opportunities intentionally.

Topics Covered:

  • Distinguishing executive leadership from board memberships
  • Developing self-awareness to guide authentic career choices
  • Expanding perspectives to consider diverse viewpoints
  • Utilizing self-inquiry to identify the aligned path
  • Positioning yourself for resonant roles

Meet the Speakers: Albana Brioni and Kathleen Dameron

Albana Vrioni, Executive Director of VRIONI Consulting sprl, Change & Innovation catalyst, and Executive Coach and founder of Women on Boards Albania (WOB-AL), leads, advises, and coaches global leadership teams to instill a thriving culture that propels innovation-driven growth in Planet, People, Profit, and Culture. She helps leaders create generative growth in their business performance by using digital enablement strategically and holistically.

Through initiatives like Women on Boards Albania (WOB-AL), Albana supports high-performing women who make a difference, advocates conscious leadership, and helps the adoption of Diversity & Inclusion as a strategic lever to growth and good governance.


Kathleen Dameron brings over three decades of expertise in intervention design, training, facilitation, and coaching. With a profound commitment to growing dynamic, mindful environments, Kathleen empowers leaders to discover sustainable solutions, bridging introspection with systemic creativity across cultures.

With a rich background in corporate interventions, Kathleen has collaborated with renowned organizations worldwide, including 3M, Heineken, and BNP Paribas. As an adjunct professor at esteemed French business schools, she has imparted wisdom on leadership development and multicultural skills.

Kathleen Dameron

Join us as they share their expertise and inspire women to chart their paths to leadership success.

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