You are currently viewing Women On Boards Albania: Empowerment of women in leadership roles, necessity of economic development and integration of Albania in the EU

Women On Boards Albania: Empowerment of women in leadership roles, necessity of economic development and integration of Albania in the EU

Women on Boards Albania (WOB-AL) gathered over 100 women entrepreneurs and leaders of important institutions in its first conference, held at Hotel Plazza, in Tirana.

Women On Boards, directed by the international expert Albana Vrioni, aims to empower women, through their economic development and at the same time, the creation of a favorable environment. Today, the defined quotas have been met in some private or public institutions, but what is the panorama beyond the quotas? Is the potential of women being used to improve the economy and social conditions of the country? What should be done in this regard?!

All these were discussed at the official presentation conference of Women on Boards Albania, part of the Women on Boards Europe network.

According to Mrs. Vrioni, “The event was more than a meeting; it was a testament to the power of insight, inspiration and empowerment. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who graced us with their presence, providing lively discussions, constructive questions and invaluable recommendations.”

In the discussion panel shared their experiences and perspectives: WOB-AL founder Albana Vrioni, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Business Climate, Delina Ibrahimaj, CEO of WOB Europe, Kristen Anderson, CEO of BKT Pay, Bilgen Alden, Director of Public Policy , Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone, Jonida Lakuriqi and the Managing Director of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Albana Shkurta.


Based on the topics discussed and knowledge shared during the conference, the key messages were:

  • Diversity transcends quotas: It’s about fostering inclusive mindsets and making intentional progress to have more women in positions of influence.
  • Gender diversity requires women to support each other and build a strategic network system
  • Sustainable development of leadership competencies is best achieved when it is part of growth strategies .
  • Balancing professional growth and personal fulfillment requires being your own leader
  • Digital strategies will be used to reverse the exclusionary patterns observed in strategic decision-making.
  • Empowering women to influence product and market strategy through digital platforms can be used to challenge stereotypes , but also to position women as influential trends in the corporation.
  • Digitalization offers unprecedented opportunities to strengthen educational initiatives , connecting aspiring women with resources, mentoring programs and a global network.

Albana Vrioni emphasizes that, “at Women on Boards Albania, we advocate a holistic approach to the advancement of gender diversity in corporate management. Through education, connection and implication, we nurture the mindsets necessary for progress. Over the next five years, our commitment is to help prepare 100 leadership-level women and their ecosystems for success in leadership and executive roles, through development programs, mentoring, networking and opportunities to lead transformative projects.”

During the event, it was emphasized that, compared to the potential, there is an insufficient presence and influential contribution of Albanian women at the highest levels of decision-making in small and medium enterprises. These challenges are related to the limitations brought about by the poor, closed, and local economy, as well as the scarcity mentality.


Therefore, Women on Boards Albania sees its role as important at this time, precisely when Albania is committed to integrating into Europe. This will require Albanian businesses to grow successfully outside of Albania and foreign businesses to attract and grow successfully within Albania. The current model of Albanian business governance does not meet these requirements.

The 5 main pillars that Women on Boards focuses on are:

  1. Advocacy on gender issues
  2. Development of the competence of leaders
  3. Creating a stable pool of talent ready to operate at an international level as well
  4. Creating and nurturing a support network of peers and mentors
  5. Active involvement in transformative projects and studies, in line with strategic growth areas in the country.

The event was supported by Vrioni Consulting, with the objective of promoting gender diversity and inclusion, and partner EWOB for sharing the experience created in paving the way. As WOB AL’s annual program has begun, the commitment is: promoting education, knowledge and changing mindsets. The Launch 2024 event was just the beginning of our collective journey towards a more diverse and inclusive future.

About WOB AL

WOB AL’s mission extends beyond the present; The organization plants the seeds of future leadership today.

In our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive future, leveraging digital tools becomes paramount. By embracing technology, WOB AL and its community will break down geographic barriers, ensuring tailored education extends beyond traditional pathways, preparing women for influential roles on boards of directors.

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